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Twistys Discount

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I must admit having the task of reviewing adult sites must seem like a dream job and indeed it is a ‘dirty’ job, but someone has to do it! It is at times like these, when I am asked to review Twistys I realize that I am probably the luckiest person on earth. The women on Twistys are some of my very favorite models.

Madison Ivy, she is the smoothest skinned, longest haired doll I have ever had the pleasure of seeing masturbate. This is the problem with Twistys once you get onto the site it is very hard to navigate away. The twistys discount really makes your decision of trying the network easy.


Sensibilities need to kick in at some point, so deep breath and here we go, a very objective look at Twistys.

The sassy cheeky and famous models that form part of the Twistys stable are in most opinions hotter than average. Here, you have a mix of blonds, brunettes, redheads and various body types that are guaranteed to get your whistle blowing. The scenes are exclusive to Twistys and they have been clever as a lot of the models are too. So if you do fall in love or lust with one of these lithesome sensual babes from heaven you are pretty much compelled to sign up as a member especially with the twistys discount there is no turning back.

The good news is that memberships are currently being sold at discount prices. It depends of course how long you are planning on staying, so the best route to go is check out what is on offer to suite your own pocket. You can of course take a two-day tour for a buck. Yes, that is $1.00. It is a very clever marketing tool in all honesty as this site is addictive and that is why I am so happy to be back on it today.


Right from the get-go as soon as you land on the front page they are showing you the updates. The quality is beyond mind blowing. I cringe to think of the days when porn was smudgy and crackled. Today these images are only something we could dream off. Shaved pussy lips so clear I feel as though I could dip my fingers in there. Lips moist with excitement and nipples hard and pointed you can even see the tiny creases in between the skin.

I could say that have seen bigger content on other sites, but Twistys is hell-bent on providing us, the member with crystal clear good quality footage and bulky content. There are over 46 000 videos, 3 700 delicious models, 1.6 million clear photographs of some of the hottest babes on the planet and five daily updates. Yes, you heard right five daily updates. This means you will only ever be fumbling with your zipper and not fumbling for something to look at.

Twistys remains one of the biggest and most well put together sites I have ever been on. As a reviewer I bow down to such greatness and such professional delivery. Twistys remains in the top 5 sites in the world.