Digital Playground Discount

We are now in the digital world, enjoy the Digital Playground deal!

Digital Playground Discount

41% off – 30 day signup ($17.95)

67% off – one year membership ($10.00)


Digital Playground has spared no expense when it comes to anything to do with their production including their state-of-the-art webpage, the drop dead gorgeous stars and the high quality production of each video.

If I cut to the chase this is what you are getting on Digital Playground, there are nearly 4000 videos of near 100 minutes each. The production as stated earlier is perfect. High quality HD and shot by professional camera men, this is probably one of the highest standards I have come across.


One of the strongest features, if you can find a particular one among the very high standard of the entire website, is the fact that BiBi Jones, Jesse Jane and Selena Rose are starring in a lot of the fantastic videos. These girls are three of the hottest girls in porn and they are exclusive to Digital Playground. Users who signup today will get their hands on the new digital playground discount saving 67% off from $29.99.

Basically what you do here is you hire movies, but they also have a number of hardcore scenes and photographs to look at too. The actual navigation of the site is brilliant because you can search via names, scenes, movies, and categories, so there is no chance you will not be able to find the porn you were looking for.


This in itself is a major plus for the network sites because you can only imagine the headache you would get trying to work through all of those videos yourself.

Finally, they update anywhere between six and eight times a week and each update appears on their front page making it easy for you to keep track of what is going on. The fact they keep things fresh is something I love, so there is always something new and exciting to watch whenever you venture onto Digital Playground.